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Embrace Simplicity To Gain Advantage in the Market

All those long hours of marketing and strategy meetings or brainstorming sessions for the next viral social media campaign have no real sense if you fail to deliver your core marketing message.  

Now many other factors come into play for a successful marketing plan, and on them getting the marketing message across is crucial. 

Being too focused on optimizing it doesn’t make any sense from day one, and it’s not something you can do on the first trial. But it’s in your hand that you can; 

  1. Create a marketing message that delivers some idea, and
  2. After your message gets delivered, customers have no trouble interacting with you. 

They are in your domain, and one of the best strategies you can use here is embracing simplicity; this is applicable not just for marketing but also if you are planning next SpaceX or another country (I hope you start a Democratic one). 

Now this is easier said than done, but here I am mentioning four strategies that you can start using from day one to make your marketing & overall strategy efforts simpler. 

I will keep adding others as I find them; if you have some suggestions, do share them with me.  

Don’t Overburden Your Marketing Message

A central point of doing marketing in the first place is to present your audience with a marketing message.

Your marketing message should be clear and concise, and it should portray your product or service’s benefit/feature to your target audience so that it makes it appealing.

But today, many marketing messages are filled with a plethora of information.

Doing so makes the marketing message overburdened, and when your target audience comes across it at any touchpoint, they get overwhelmed 😕.

Make It Easy for Customers To Reach You

Your customers, even after making a buying decision, will struggle to make an actual action to purchase from you. It could be because they need assurance that you are genuine (start building social proof), or in some cases, they are peculiar about your customer service.

Think about it you want to make a query or reach out to someone in the company before making a purchase, but somehow reaching them is a pain in the ass.

The company is asking you to mail them a complaint, or worst; they are not active on social media. It will annoy you, and in most cases, you will decide not to buy from them and choose their competitor.

For this reason, not your customer support system should be strong, but it also should be easy to reach. Be active on your social media accounts, have a clear support button on your website, and have a support email that responds with answers to your customers.

Also, today’s customers love companies that assist them in their buying journey. So it’s either going to be you or your competitor.

Encourage Your Audience To Make Decisions

You don’t want your customers to be confused 😨 or have trouble when making decisions.

Decisions can be about anything. It could be buying your end product or even taking a step forward to contact your company. Basically, making them move toward your marketing funnel.

By encouraging them to make a decision, you encourage them to act.

You don’t want them to ignore your CTA buttons or get tangled in the information overload.

Eliminate Hundred Useless Features

The process of elimination should be encouraged more rather than adding more features.

For your customers to get your marketing message, you will equip yourself with many strategies like promoting your product’s benefits or features, storytelling, etc.

But most companies and marketers today bombard customers by showcasing them with hundreds of useless features, most of which don’t even make any sense or are attractive to the customers.

What they are looking for is one feature or benefit that stands out.

Like with Canva’s feature helps you easily create digital media graphics, while Apple’s product minimalism attracts its users.

Focus on presenting a few features in your marketing message but ensure that the one you are showing helps your customers the most or triggers emotion.

Gordan Ramsay also follows this.

Final Thoughts

Using these techniques you will gain advantage over your competitors in the market.

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