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Occam’s Razor: Choose Simple over Complex

I first came across this word when I started reading Avinash Kaushik’s articles. Where he has named his blog as Occam’s Razor.

Do check out his articles, they are one of the best.

But what is Occam’s Razor  in the first place. And why great physicts like Stephan Hawking, Albert Einsten mentioned used them. 

The basic idea of Occam’s razor is that when you come across a situation, event, any circumstance, or you have to make a decision between other various others options it’s best to choose the one which is derived using fewer assumption.

In easy words; choose Simple over Complex choices. Though it doesn’t mean you make it simpler.

But you should not make it a driving principle in your life or taking important decisions. Yeah life is not that easy.

Some areas in our life requires that we put extra efforts to make it more profound and data rich decision. With Occam’s Razor you can use it as just a tool that you can use to make your decision more logical.

Occam’s Razor Applicability

It’s applicability is in everyday life and business.

Though the word was coined in 14th century by William of Ockam even Aristotle used to follow it’s base principle.

Where once Aristotle said that “the more limited, if accurate is preferable”.

And today Occam’s Razor is used in machine learning and medical.

In business also it’s application is widely considered very crucial.

Personally, speaking I am often bitten by snake of complexities or digging into finding a perfect solution. When all it requires at that time was to make a decision and start taking actions.

But now that I realized and look back, I have notice often time decisions that I have made decision with little assumptions and basically using my common sense have given me more rather than being too complicated about it. And that what Occam’s Razor is all about.

Even principle of minimum energy also supports it. Which it states that whenever possible we should try to minimize energy consumption to function the same.

So next time when you are working on a problem, where you are doing your research and you came up with some solutions. 

Prefer to go with a simple solution, which function same as complex ones. I know it will be hard but you will learn over the time.

The Road More (Not) Taken

There is one great poem by Robert Frost named The Road Not Taken. Which advocate that by making a choice that is not unconventional it leads to different direction from the herd. The idea is that those who take different road are unique individual with leadership skills.

But I will encourage you to take the Road which is taken by most people.

Now there is no way a person like me who can convince you to know not follow Pulitzer won author’s message. But for a second think the benefit of going on the road that is taken by many:

  • The road taken by most will have majority of people whom you can segment and has the high change of becoming your target audience.  
  • When you take that road, you will find out what that road is missing and what problems traveler are facing which you can work out to solve it.

In away Occam’s razor also advocate the same. Where sometimes not taking complex solution (road less travel) it’s great to take (road more taken) because that’s where your TA are.

What are they Takeaways?

The main takeaway is to approach everything by shaving of unnecessary clutter. In not just your life but from preparing SEO strategy to simply adding About us page in your website. Make it simpler, simpler and simpler.

Even for social media marketing success, best strategies are made when you make social media pillars strong. Another example of taking simple approach.

Now next time when you are in a meeting with a client and they are asking you to add more features or elements in your marketing strategy just send them this article, and remind them the importance of Occam’s Razor.

What else do you think I am missing, do add your thoughts in the comment.

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