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Ultimate Marketing Plan By Dan Kennedy: Notes & Review

The Ultimate Marketing Plan review and Notes


I read Ultimate Marketing Plan because someone I trust and who is a great salesman recommended his other book, Ultimate Sales Letter. At that time, I was in no mood to read something on sales, so I instead picked this one.  

Post-reading this book, you will scrap out two points; 

  1. The author shares timeless marketing & business principles at any stage. 
  2. The author attempts to make you buy his other books and join his friend’s business programs. 

The first point is where you have to focus, while the second is something you must ignore. 

I also realize that unlike other well-known novels, where at the end you take out some key points that separate that book from other books, that’s not the case here. Because here, Dan is not making any stand, countering anything, or putting research – instead, he shared no bullshit framework that you would need to market better to the customers (which are shared in notes below), which are deeply rooted in best marketing practices and timeless know-how.

It is once more vital for every business to practice those strategies Dan has shared at every stage of its operation. 

Nevertheless, it could have become an excellent book if Dan had focused on imparting wisdom instead of molding it into a self-promotional brochure. 

But anyway, let’s get on notes that I have taken from Ultimate Marketing Plan. 

Notes are divided into four sections:

  1. Marketing Success Factors
  2. Secret weapon for Marketing
  3. Exercises

Marketing Success Factors

1: Right Message.

  • Marketing is not about media and strategy but bringing together the most promotable message possible.
  • Humans tend to think that we are unique and there is something special formulated/customized for us.
  • There are two types of USP;
    • One build on where you forecast what will happen in the future.
    • Second, you have analyzed the current situation, scenarios, & trends to build a USP. 
  • Marketing with Values Strengthen your USP; if you stand for nothing, you are nothing.

2: Make your presentation interesting.

3. Target right audience.

  • If you open a restaurant, more than anything, you want a HUNGRY crowd. 
  • People who you are targeting should have an apparent & noticeable nature. 
  • To create your community, first, be part of some community. 
  • Identify your “now buyers”. These are the people who need something urgent. 

4. Show Social proof

5. Mold & change perception.

6. Ignite Buzz around your business.

  • Buzz enables your business to get customers’ attention. 
  • The Lifeblood of every business is interest; you need to work on maintaining and igniting it constantly. 

7. Take action; however small it is

  • Do something = Nothing happens until something moves.
  • You don’t have to put loads of investment into making marketing happen; do marketing with limited resources. 

8. Don’t just make a sale; build equity.

  • Don’t only focus on acquiring customers & getting sales, but additionally nurture present customers.  
  • Customers often leave because of disagreement or indifference with you or someone in the organization. 
  • Get yourself and your crew well-trained in customer service diplomacy. 

Marketing Secret Weapons:

1. Build great USP

2. Make your message clear and simple to understand

3. Carefully & thoroughly eliminate all assumptions. 

Your customers will have certain doubts and queries; work on helping them eliminating them.

4. Ask them to take action

5. Work on optimizing and delivering your message to right audience

6. Develop a marketing message with the understanding that customers will be stubborn & reluctant to believe it.

Customers generally do not accept when we come across new ideas, & different opinions. Similarly, customers open our defence mechanism when someone tries to sell us something.

7. Impact their Perception on you

Every piece of your marketing or message should be strategically crafted to reinforce a single, central perception.

8. Develop new products for existing customers instead of getting new customers


1. Understand your competitors

  • The idea here is to analyze their marketing material and list how they portray Benefits, Promises and other statements. This will help you in getting insight into their marketing strategies.
  • Look for repeated patterns; you get insight into their online positioning.

2. Look at every business and ask yourself these questions;

Q1) Does this business have a USP?
Q2) If not, can I think of one?
Q3) If yes, then how can I improve it?
Q4) Are there any ideas that I can borrow for my use?

3. Refine your USP

  • Make your messaging more personalized and focused.

5. Find out who is “Must Buy” or “Can Buy” customers

6. To build perception answer two question;

Q1) What perception you want your customer to form, hold, have and convey to other.

Q2) Does everything you do contribute to projecting that image?

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