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Best Digital & Social Media Campaigns of May 2023

Now that we reached halfway to the next year, let’s see some of the best social media campaigns Indian brands ran in May 2023.

Before I mention those social media campaigns, let me tell you how I qualify them to be here.

They sparked my curiosity, connected with me emotionally, are sticky, tapping moments marketing, make me take action, and many other factors.

Here are some of the best Social media advertising campaigns of May – 2023

#SabkaYaarDegaHazaar by GoIbibo

Starring Vihan Samat, Sanjana Sarathy, and Prajakta Kohli, the campaign showcases three friends chatting about hotel booking for a Goa trip; while doing so, they are considering all points to minimize hotel booking charges. When suddenly realizing there are flat 1000Rs off on Goibibo to the first-time user.

With this campaign GoIbibio, they offer real value to the customers, as often “Up to X%” offers are confusing.


First Salary Gifts, a campaign dedicated to mothers by Caratlane

Caratlane, a Tata brand, always seeks opportunities to tap into an intimate part of our life. And one of the most memorable events is when we get our first salary.

This relaunch campaign showcases how a girl received her first salary and was deciding what she should buy for herself. Then she realizes that her mother has always put her needs before her own to give her this life.

With this campaign, Cartalane aims to string our hearts by pointing out how giving gifts to those who cherish us and loves us can double our happiness.

Strategy-wise, they made a great move, where they partnered up with over fifty-plus influencers on Social media and highlighted what those influencers did with their first salary.

Naani + Dubai Tourism

The campaign starts with Poonam Dhillon as Naani (maternal grandmother) and celeb couple Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya traveling with their two kids for a fun summer Dubai adventure.

The campaign showcased Dubai’s beautiful places where (both indoor and outdoor) the family enjoys the thrill of being in Dubai and bonding with each other.

The campaign also shows that kids and Poonam Dhillon unveil daily adventures with “Do you believe it?” as a narrative.

The video direction and overall campaign are fun.

Ravi Shastri With Britannia 50-50 Golmaal

Britannia is famous for bringing fun advertisements. We all remember their Gooday Biscuits ads.

This time, they have launched their Britannia 50-50 Golmaal biscuits campaign with former India men’s cricket coach Ravi Shastri. And it strikes perfect humor chords.

The campaign showcased where Ravi Shastri took a bite of Golmaal Biscuit, and then during the cricket match, a confused player came to seek guidance from Ravi Shastri, their coach. He advises them to use “Golmaal,” and after that, they use it to turn the match in their favor – in a  fun way.

There are two videos of this campaign featuring Ravi Shastri. 

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